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Sissy Blog Humiliation #3

Every now and then, I gather a few friends and we have a good laugh about one particular sissy. I actually have a couple more of these evenings planned over the next few weeks, but last night it was the turn of a very special girl......

Joining me were Amy (known to you sissies as Miss Amy), Tina, and Lisa. Amy has genuinely taken a shine to the domme lifestyle since we started these. Tina, a school teacher, has become a lot naughtier and more experimental in the bedroom. And Lisa is making her Sissy Blog Humiliation debut. She's a young swimming instructor, which I thought appropriate as you can see.......

"Oh. My. God!" Lisa exclaimed as I dropped copies of that picture on our table. "What is he wearing?"

I'd timed it perfectly, revealing the picture just as the waitress was collecting our menus to leave after we had ordered. So she got a good look, too. I saw her falter a little. On our public humiliations, this is how it always went. By the end of the night she'd be curious enough to ask questions as she saw more and more pictures. That was the plan, anyway.

I glanced at Amy.

"What is she wearing......" Amy clarified. "We always use the feminine pronouns."

"Seems more fitting," Tina added. "Don't you think?"

Lisa picked up one of the pictures. The first of several. She really seemed to study it.

"So it's not just about how she dresses, but.....Who she wants to be.....?"

"That's right," I nodded. "And how she wishes to be perceived by people, especially women...."

Lisa raised a hand to her mouth, finally letting a giggle escape. "And how small she is....."

We all laughed.

"You've got it," Amy told her. "Already you can get an idea this bitch couldn't satisfy any real woman."

"Just other sissies," Tina said. "I bet she likes them."

"What would you do, knowing why we're here, if she showed up at your pool?" I asked Lisa.

"To humiliate her?"

I nodded.

"I'm not sure.....There's the swim-aerobics class."

Amy glanced at her, perhaps expecting, or hoping for, something dirtier.

"No, go on," Tina encouraged, and discretely mouthed she's new to Amy.

"Well," Lisa continued, finding her confidence to speak up. "It's only women in the class. So she'd fit right in. Or she could be a locker room and towel girl. So she doesn't get to swim, but wanders around helping the customers."

"What about a life-guard?" Amy asked. "She could stand at the pool for everyone to see."

It seemed Amy had accepted Lisa's suggestions, so while we were laughing I decided to segue into a new topic.

"She likes the fantasy of being on show," I told them. "One of her favorite little day-dreams is being pool-side at a hotel, having to ask girls where the towels are."

"Dressed like that?" Tina asked.

"She's even been swimming dressed like that," I told them.

"In her pink onesie swimsuit?" Amy laughed. "But they look even more pathetic in bikinis. At least she didn't go that route."

"Do you all know what Hooters is?" I asked.

They nodded.

"The bar in America, right?" Lisa asked.

"That's it. So one of her fantasy's is to dress like a sissy, a proper sissy, and be forced to dance and serve at Hooters."

"Holy shit!" Amy exclaimed.

Lisa's naivety shone through for a second. "How does a proper sissy dress?"

I reached into my handbag. A good Mistress is ready for anything. I revealed the next set of pictures.....

.....as I watched the waitress approach our table.

She placed our starters down and smiled awkwardly.

"Who's that?" she asked. "Is it a prank?"

"He's a friend," I told her. "He likes......"

"Dressing like a doll?" she asked. "Glad my boyfriend doesn't do that."

"Well," Amy said, "real men don't."

"I have other tables," the waitress said. "But can I check back with you?"

I smiled. Quicker than usual. "Of course."

"So who's Jesse?" Tina asked, as the waitress moved on.

"An old college friend," I told them, barely containing my laugh. "He dressed like that for her, so she posted her picture at all the female restrooms."

"No!" Lisa gasped.

"I bet she didn't get much action that semester," Amy presumed. "Can you imagine? Not just the girls seeing it. Maybe boys, too. And girls telling their boyfriends. Word must have spread like wildfire about her, people sniggering and giggling behind her back."

"She was supposed to do us our very own special picture," I told them. "But she didn't."

"That naughty girl," Lisa said, almost like she was practising her stern, strict voice.

I smiled. "It was supposed to be like that one, only with a sign that begged us to humiliate her."

"Should we continue then," Tina said, draining her glass of wine.

"Well," I told them, "she does have a deep, deep love for.....satin."

"That's pretty tiny," Lisa giggled.

"And it's probably erect!" Amy cried out, a little too loudly. "Three inches at most."

"What good is that?" Tina complained. "Does she have a girlfriend?"

I grinned. "I'm not allowed to say."

"So that means she does," Tina nodded. "I bet she's got her trained in other ways because that isn't going to satisfy anyone."

"Shouldn't she be shaved if she's wearing clothes like this?" Lisa asked. "Why don't you get her to shave?"

"I agree, she should be," I nodded. "Who wants a hairy sissy? Look at this."


That was Lisa. It sounded something like that. A general sound of good humored disgust.

"Is she-?" she managed. "No....."

"Like I said, she loves her satin."

"I've wanted to ask," Tina said as the waitress placed down our main courses. She seemed uncomfortable with this picture so I brushed it to one side for a moment. "I know you play games with these girls, dressing them up and the like......"

"I give them their desires," I told her. "I let them live their fantasies. Some girls can only do it if they are told. Some want the company. Some the attention. There are a thousand reasons and a thousand Mistresses.....But more sissies than you can count. They should never feel alone."

"Is it always about girlie things?" Lisa asked.

"Usually. With occasional individual spins. Take Bridget here. She-"

"Bridget?" Lisa laughed.

"Well, she prefers Sissy Bridget," I told them. "But she talks a lot about sissy traps and blackmail. She'd love to be forced into a bra fitting because somebody had leverage against her, or forced into servitude for a Mistress."

"Every sissy should have regular bra fittings," Amy smiled.

"So there could be lots of different things," Lisa noted. "But you enjoy the power?"

I smiled. "I'm a Mistress. But I'm a fair one."

We ate for a while, the food nice.

"You know, she wants to serve as a maid. Not only for a Mistress, but her friends, too." I looked at the group knowingly. "I'm a Mistress with a group of friends right here. What would you have her do? Quick-fire round."

"I hate ironing," Lisa laughed. "She'd be doing all my laundry."

"I'm thinking out of the box. I'd have her sit in her pretty, frilly uniform and mark my school work for me," Tina grinned......Until Amy slapped her lightly with a serviette. "Okay. She could clean the windows.....For all the passers-by to see."

"Amy," I prompted. "You got anything in mind. Knowing where your head is at these days."

Amy nodded. "Fucking Bradley is so quick and messy. I'd have her in the bedroom. Cleaning."

Lisa looked a tad confused. Bradley was her husband.

"Can you spell C-U-M?" Tina spelled out, a little loudly as she finished her second glass of white.

"Ewwww, no. She'd do that?" Lisa grimaced.

"A lot of sissies do," I told her. "Next picture."

Our waitress had returned and she smiled, probably grateful it was not another satin shot.

All of us cooed over the picture.

"She looks so pretty," the waitress noted. "Can I take one?"

I looked up, for the first time in a while something surprising me. I handed her one. "I think so....Why?"

"She looks so pretty and happy, even though she's out in public. Look at her smile."

For a moment we were all silent. It was my favorite picture of Bridget, and it seemed the others had fallen for it, too.

"What are you going to do with it?" I asked her.

"I think I'll put it on the staff room wall. When I'm having a crap shift, this will remind me what it feels like to be happy and free."

I smiled sweetly. What a wonderful young woman, with a marvellous attitude. Sure, lots of her friends and work colleagues might see the picture and have a big laugh over the coming months, but to this one woman it was about courage and happiness. If only more people could see through her eyes.

Off she went with our plates.

"Time for the main event," I said, noticing that the adjacent table of women had taken an interest. While they were not invited into our conversation, it was obvious they had seen and heard plenty.

I handed out the final picture of the night.

"No!" Lisa cried out. "What's she doing? Like a bunny hop or something?"

"Look at her pretty bow," Tina grinned. "And her frilly socks and cute shoes."

"Look at that dress," Amy said. "What's she doing?"

"She got herself locked out of her hotel room when a domme she was seeing sent her out for ice," I told them.

"And she went out like that?" Lisa gasped. "Willingly? In public?"

Everybody started to laugh, and it was a good way to end the evening. The enlightened waitress and our good spirits.

I snuck a peek at the table next to us and smiled. They'd seen and heard quite a bit. A group of women, ages ranging between twenty-odd and a Granny.

It had been a good night. But I had one last surprise for my friends. We paid for our meal and then headed to the car. I felt a chill on my stockinged legs, and thought about the shiver Sissy Bridget must have felt last night when I made a revelation that seemed to stun her.

Last night I had brought Bridget to the edge several times, and then made her ruin her orgasm. I then reminded her of all her talk about sissy traps and told her that there would be no more touching until her blog receives 100 views. Nothing better than a sissy caught in a trap.....especially when she has contributed to the making of it.

My friends all laughed at this, the food and the drink helping chase their inhibitions away.....If they had any these days.

So, I'll close this out with Bridget's own words, when she realised what had happened to her.

"OH MY GOD. It's genius. It's a digital trap. So I literally will have to think of ways to promote my humiliating blog faster if I need to get out of this?!?"

Mistress Brianna xx

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